How to use social networks to create light luxury myths

Michael Kors has created a fast developing “light luxury” myth, a fashion designer created by a fashion designer, which has brought the luxury industry into a new stage and has successfully created a concept of self expression and a different life. Now it has more than 550 franchised stores around the world. And 1500 boutiques, the main competitors are Coach, Kate Spade, Tory Burch and so on. The achievement of MichaelKors myth is not accidental: the designer’s personality charm, the wide influence of design style, and the new way of new media marketing. The fashion brands that use social media can provide fans with high quality, exclusive content and resources, often motivate users to share, create content initiative through interesting activities, and prefer visual channels to display brand charm.

In the streets of the United States, there will be Michael Kors bags everywhere. In fact, Michael Kors is more famous for its watches. “Your mouth says you are different from other girls, but your Michael Kors watch proves you are wrong,” said the famous Instagram, Fuckjerry. This is a black piece, but it hints that all American girls are wearing Michael Kors watches.

A lot of people are very confused. Why can the brand be established in a few years to dominate the us light luxury market? There is no doubt that MichaelKors, the founder and designer of the company, has taken part in the reality show “Overpass” and has been accepted by the public. But what really caused MichaelKors to explode in the US is that it keeps its innovative marketing plan.

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