Michael Kors withdrews from the Chinese market

After Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. (NYSE:KORS) and the Italy brand Gucci Gucci, the American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. (NYSE:TIF) Tiffany became the third brand to exit IACC, without doubt the same expression of dissatisfaction with IACC, especially the Alibaba.

The withdrawal of Tiffany & Co. Tiffany made the Alibaba announcement yesterday and IACC bleak. Yesterday Alibaba and IACC issued a joint statement to transfer the burden of proof of proof from the brand to the seller.

At this point, three big brands withdrew from the Alibaba’s seat in IACC. In fact, according to The Associated Press reports, IACC also received an anonymous letter on Wednesday, threatening to claim that IACC would remove Alibaba from the alliance, or there would be more alliance brand members withdrawing from IACC, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany. The exit was just after the anonymous letter was released.

After IACC’s acceptance of Alibaba, the organization has been criticised, and the latest spearhead is more directed to the president of the alliance, Robert Barchiesi, and Wednesday’s anonymous letter expressed concern about the relationship between Robert Barchiesi and the Alibaba vice president in charge of global intellectual property rights two. Matthew Bassiur has just been employed by Alibaba early this year.

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