Michael Kors puts more emphasis on the Chinese market

People’s attitude towards plagiarism is not as resolute as they think. Disgust for plagiarism depends on whether the plagiarism is closely related to himself, for example, the plagiarism of a strange Professor, we are so ungrateful that the school will expel it and never have to engage in academic research. And for a series of idol drama after years of watching, we have shown a tolerant acceptance, and even refute in a reasonable manner: “you have the ability to try, you are jealous of people red.” In relation to ourselves, we are the saints: “as long as we are moved”, “this is a tribute to the original author”, in the end, it is vanity, fear of what you have because of the plagiarism and become worthless, so defend desperately.

In the luxury industry, there is also a plagiarism king MichaelKors. It’s like a monster, swooping the Chinese market. Where is it red? I just came back from Hongkong, whether it’s a store in Harbour City or a discount shop in Donghui city. People are thrill about it. They pick and choose like buying cabbage. In the US, MichaelKors has replaced Coach as a new companion. This is to be given to the Coach’s adherence to the style. The main line is at the end of the transition and opens up a new line for the discount store – CoachFactory, selling some of the Logo’s distinct basic funds, which are distinguished by the letter F before the sum. Over time, customers felt that they were treated differently and abandoned Coach. MichaelKors, which is beautiful, fashionable and easy to get half off discount, has become the new favorite. In social media, MichaelKors’s street map and soft language appear from time to time. Goddess Gao Yuanyuan becomes a partner to attend the fashion week in New York.

MichaelKors is the model of the salted fish in the luxury world. It was good. The designer MichaelKors, a creative director of Celine, won the lifetime design award of the CFDA (all American Fashion Designer Association), and was a household name in the United States because of the battle of the TV show “fashion stretch table” with the host’s lips. But personal brand management is not ideal, and it was on the verge of bankruptcy in 90s. In 2003, Chinese tycoon Cao Qifeng and his partner, LawrenceStroll, bought a stake in MichaelKors85% for $100 million, vowing to create a world class brand of $1 billion. From now on, MichaelKors has set off more than 500 retail stores around the world, with an explosive growth in sales, and at the end of 2011 in the New York Stock Exchange, which is currently valued at $15 billion 700 million.