MICHAEL KORS 2018 fall fashion

After the fall of the fashion show in 2016 February 17th (Wednesday), Michael Kors will sell the fresh T station selection products on the same day. The series is called Ready-to-Wear, Ready to Go, including garments, shoes and handbags. The series is on sale at MichaelKors.com and Madison boutiques in New York. The store will show the fall Series in the window and play video of the fashion show in the afternoon.

Madison Street Boutique will also hold a special event at 12:30 noon on the fashion show, inviting customers to personally experience and buy Ready-to-Wear, Ready to Go series. Customers can also order this series through Michael Kors stores across the country.

Madison street, Manchester and the Michael Kors Collection store in Chicago will also hold a special event later. Customers can watch and book all 2016 fall styles during the event.

Michael Kors said: “our customers are not sensitive to seasons. They only consider what products are best for themselves and what products they love best. So we offer this opportunity to bring the show directly to the wardrobe.