How to use social networks to create light luxury myths

Michael Kors has created a fast developing “light luxury” myth, a fashion designer created by a fashion designer, which has brought the luxury industry into a new stage and has successfully created a concept of self expression and a different life. Now it has more than 550 franchised stores around the world. And 1500 boutiques, the main competitors are Coach, Kate Spade, Tory Burch and so on. The achievement of MichaelKors myth is not accidental: the designer’s personality charm, the wide influence of design style, and the new way of new media marketing. The fashion brands that use social media can provide fans with high quality, exclusive content and resources, often motivate users to share, create content initiative through interesting activities, and prefer visual channels to display brand charm.

In the streets of the United States, there will be Michael Kors bags everywhere. In fact, Michael Kors is more famous for its watches. “Your mouth says you are different from other girls, but your Michael Kors watch proves you are wrong,” said the famous Instagram, Fuckjerry. This is a black piece, but it hints that all American girls are wearing Michael Kors watches.

A lot of people are very confused. Why can the brand be established in a few years to dominate the us light luxury market? There is no doubt that MichaelKors, the founder and designer of the company, has taken part in the reality show “Overpass” and has been accepted by the public. But what really caused MichaelKors to explode in the US is that it keeps its innovative marketing plan.

Michael Kors puts more emphasis on the Chinese market

People’s attitude towards plagiarism is not as resolute as they think. Disgust for plagiarism depends on whether the plagiarism is closely related to himself, for example, the plagiarism of a strange Professor, we are so ungrateful that the school will expel it and never have to engage in academic research. And for a series of idol drama after years of watching, we have shown a tolerant acceptance, and even refute in a reasonable manner: “you have the ability to try, you are jealous of people red.” In relation to ourselves, we are the saints: “as long as we are moved”, “this is a tribute to the original author”, in the end, it is vanity, fear of what you have because of the plagiarism and become worthless, so defend desperately.

In the luxury industry, there is also a plagiarism king MichaelKors. It’s like a monster, swooping the Chinese market. Where is it red? I just came back from Hongkong, whether it’s a store in Harbour City or a discount shop in Donghui city. People are thrill about it. They pick and choose like buying cabbage. In the US, MichaelKors has replaced Coach as a new companion. This is to be given to the Coach’s adherence to the style. The main line is at the end of the transition and opens up a new line for the discount store – CoachFactory, selling some of the Logo’s distinct basic funds, which are distinguished by the letter F before the sum. Over time, customers felt that they were treated differently and abandoned Coach. MichaelKors, which is beautiful, fashionable and easy to get half off discount, has become the new favorite. In social media, MichaelKors’s street map and soft language appear from time to time. Goddess Gao Yuanyuan becomes a partner to attend the fashion week in New York.

MichaelKors is the model of the salted fish in the luxury world. It was good. The designer MichaelKors, a creative director of Celine, won the lifetime design award of the CFDA (all American Fashion Designer Association), and was a household name in the United States because of the battle of the TV show “fashion stretch table” with the host’s lips. But personal brand management is not ideal, and it was on the verge of bankruptcy in 90s. In 2003, Chinese tycoon Cao Qifeng and his partner, LawrenceStroll, bought a stake in MichaelKors85% for $100 million, vowing to create a world class brand of $1 billion. From now on, MichaelKors has set off more than 500 retail stores around the world, with an explosive growth in sales, and at the end of 2011 in the New York Stock Exchange, which is currently valued at $15 billion 700 million.

The sales of michael kors is amazing

In the third quarter, Michael Kors rose by 7% per share of $1.59 a year earlier than a year ago, more than analysts’ expected $1.46 per share, and a significant increase in the previous quarter, with the company’s earnings per share growth of only 1% in the last quarter.

According to the results, Michael Kors retail sales increased by 11.1% to $766 million 200 thousand last year. Since the end of the third quarter of 2015, the company has opened a total of 114 new stores. In addition, the company’s same store sales fell 0.9%, but compared with FactSet company’s forecast of 4.4% decline, 0.9% of the decline of Michael Kors is still optimistic.

Michael Kors spokesman said that profit growth came mainly from the Asian market and e-commerce business, thanks to strong sales in the Japanese market. By region, sales in Japan increased by 59%, while sales in Europe increased by 14%, but sales in the Americas grew by only 0.4%.

Although the financial report did not publish the specific sales data of the Chinese market, some industry sources told fashion headlines that China has become one of the most important potential markets for Michael Kors. By the third quarter, Michael Kors increased at least 20% in China’s market performance compared to the same period in China, and Michael Kors has continued in China. The experience of successful promotion of social media in the US headquarter has used digital marketing and bold innovation to capture the market of handbags accessories for young people in China.

Michael Kors withdrews from the Chinese market

After Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. (NYSE:KORS) and the Italy brand Gucci Gucci, the American jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. (NYSE:TIF) Tiffany became the third brand to exit IACC, without doubt the same expression of dissatisfaction with IACC, especially the Alibaba.

The withdrawal of Tiffany & Co. Tiffany made the Alibaba announcement yesterday and IACC bleak. Yesterday Alibaba and IACC issued a joint statement to transfer the burden of proof of proof from the brand to the seller.

At this point, three big brands withdrew from the Alibaba’s seat in IACC. In fact, according to The Associated Press reports, IACC also received an anonymous letter on Wednesday, threatening to claim that IACC would remove Alibaba from the alliance, or there would be more alliance brand members withdrawing from IACC, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany. The exit was just after the anonymous letter was released.

After IACC’s acceptance of Alibaba, the organization has been criticised, and the latest spearhead is more directed to the president of the alliance, Robert Barchiesi, and Wednesday’s anonymous letter expressed concern about the relationship between Robert Barchiesi and the Alibaba vice president in charge of global intellectual property rights two. Matthew Bassiur has just been employed by Alibaba early this year.

Michael Kors is confronted with a crisis of trust in a lawsuit

The luxury brand, Michael Kors, who lost the reputation of “the best single product” because of its rapid expansion, was able to pull out in the United States when consumers were prosecuted for price tag fraud and compensation of $4 million 880 thousand.

It is understood that two consumers in a court in New York have sued Michael Kors to use “manufacturer’s recommended retail price” and “our price” at the price of the product two, and cause “our price” a relatively cheap atmosphere to induce consumers to buy. But in fact, the “manufacturer’s suggested retail price” product is specially used for products in outlets, which has never really sold products. Consumers believe that the brand is fooling the customer. A few days ago, the two sides reached a settlement, and Michael Kors agreed to cancel the “manufacturer’s recommended retail price” and replace it with “Value” and pay 4 million 880 thousand dollars for compensation.

This is another crisis of confidence after Michael Kors’s lower than expected profit in the fiscal year. The former has led to a 19% jump in the company’s share price. In the North American market where the lawsuit took place, sales revenue in the fourth quarter of last fiscal year fell by 7% compared with the same period last year.

A smart watch for fashion

Recently, Michael Kors formally entered the smart watch market with the Michael Kors Access series of luxury watches. It includes two versions, Bradshaw and Dylan, which blend fashionable personality design and innovative sophisticated technology.

The two wristwatches run on the Android Wear wearable operating system, designed for fashion personages, using a unique surface designed by Michael Kors, and supporting a replaceable strap that allows users to choose metal, leather, or silica gel bands according to their own preferences. As far as the operating system is concerned, the two watches will be updated by Android Wear 2 later this year.

Michael Kors provides dozens of surface options for Bradshaw and Dylan, which allows users to customize their unique appearance for their watches. At the same time, users can also set up Michael Kors Access, so that it can automatically change different surfaces at different times of the day. For example, users can use traditional surfaces during office hours and automatically change their settings to some more interesting surfaces after work at 6 p.m.

These two watches all use a circular display with a resolution of 320 x 290, which shows that their display effect is not very clear and sharp after trial. At the same time, their display screens are not complete circles.

Michael Kors is fighting the European ecommerce Market

Michael Kors said: “in the design of the website, we not only consider the needs of the customers, but also consider the interests of the partners, in order to make our communication more smooth and efficient. Besides providing merchandise, our e-commerce website will show users the latest trend of brand. ”

Michael Kors officials also pointed out that between October and November, its Spanish and Italy official website will also appear in succession, and by December this year, its e-commerce business will expand to more European countries.

According to public information, Michael Kors was formally established in 1981 and is headquartered in New York. The most pioneering point of Michael Kors is to bring the luxury industry into a new stage, separating the brand from the past classic American luxury brands and becoming the representative of the American style of luxury life. At present, the brand has more than 500 stores in nearly 100 countries around the world, and is also distributed to the world’s top department stores and global stores.

MICHAEL KORS 2018 fall fashion

After the fall of the fashion show in 2016 February 17th (Wednesday), Michael Kors will sell the fresh T station selection products on the same day. The series is called Ready-to-Wear, Ready to Go, including garments, shoes and handbags. The series is on sale at and Madison boutiques in New York. The store will show the fall Series in the window and play video of the fashion show in the afternoon.

Madison Street Boutique will also hold a special event at 12:30 noon on the fashion show, inviting customers to personally experience and buy Ready-to-Wear, Ready to Go series. Customers can also order this series through Michael Kors stores across the country.

Madison street, Manchester and the Michael Kors Collection store in Chicago will also hold a special event later. Customers can watch and book all 2016 fall styles during the event.

Michael Kors said: “our customers are not sensitive to seasons. They only consider what products are best for themselves and what products they love best. So we offer this opportunity to bring the show directly to the wardrobe.

Michael Kors do not sell well nowadays

Maybe it’s easier for you to see a sister like this in the street, with a Michael Kors bag in your hand, a Lululemon underpants, a Ugg shoe and a North Face shirt, and a Starbucks on your hand. In the eyes of fashion people, all these brands are in their “black list”.

So on the other hand, the brand image of Michael Kors has gradually resulted in the loss of sales volume.

In order to avoid “mediocre road”, Coach, a competitor of Michael Kors, has reduced sales, sold better quality products and converted retail stores to make up for the loss of luxury brand image.

“I think the decline in sales of Michael Kors is related to its brand image,” said Neil Saunders, chief executive of Conlumino, a consultancy. Its brand luxury image is more fragile than Coach, and Coach has been regarded as a more inheriting brand. So it will be more difficult for Michael Kors to retrieve the luxury image.

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